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Selenium Solutions

Sell Right - CRM Software

Sell Right is light weight CRM solution act as great interface for customer relationship in productive way. Sell Right is suitable for tracking your leads and forecasting sales funnel for proactive sales planning.

Sell Right is AI driven CRM Software enables many features like helps sales team to approach easy customers first, auto sales mode and intelligence based analytics.

Many free API’s, bulk operations of various activities, integration options with almost every software will make your sales life easy and focused.

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eEcommerce Website Development

eEcommerce Website Development

Ecommerce become mandatory channel for any business who is selling products. Selling online is easy, quick and effective way of selling products. With help of attractive design, responsive shopping cart and easy payment options a customer and do hassle free shopping and returns, 24x7 and around the world.

A basic ecommerce website with good marketing can fetch lot more than a supermarket with million's of investment.

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Digital Marketing

Branding Solution

Digital marketing is a process to optimize a website such a way that webpage appears while search of keyword in search engines like google, bing and yahoo.

Digital marketing or SEO is most liked and affordable medium for small medium companies to rank good in search engines and get desired online visitors and business.Also Social media channels provides platform for a healthy platform for customer enagement.

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Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Customer oriented business applications runs on mobile device, however some of applications are more complex and purely business oriented are called Enterprise Mobile Applications.

Network enabled mobile app can be accessible on any device anywhere. Business can run their online channel 24x7 with no extra cost. This become most popular methodology by business for customer experience and engagement.

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How to generate leads using Internet Marketing

Technology has always brought change to the world of work. How digital channel works to generate new business?

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How consulting helps to grow fast

Productive consulting services can helps to achieve maximum productivity, minimum fixed cost and great time savings.

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15 Reasons why most web buyers abandon shopping carts?

Online business like ecommerce is entirely dependent on web buyers ...

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Business notes 20% more with CRM Software

Prospects, Leads, opportunities, Status, Sales team, Analysis and projections.

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eCommerce business attract online buyers

New generation buyers are keener to buy online, 65% of businesses keen to sell online.

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10 Advantages of Having a Website for Your Business

Websites are best medium to online presence of your business.

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