CRM is best known tool for sales and marketing initiatives

C R M software is bundle of all necessary modules all together to provide services like customer database management, keep track of customers orders pre sales and post sales. It keep track of customers information from Lead stage to Order conversion as pre sales activity. Post order to supply of product and services, track of payment, maintenance and support along with warranty.

CRM software provide you excellent planning statistics which is based on customers past record and order value. CRM allows to analyse opportunities to cross sell the services and products based on his business and growth. Another value addition of CRM software to boost internal process of management of customer and service plan and offer by enabling trace on follow ups and proposals to order conversation. CRM is capable to analyse competitively by sales executives, sales managers and decision makers based on periodical, zone, vertical and service or product wise comparison and provide data for forecasting. CRM predict expected sales or order booking value in specific department or zone by specific executives or sales managers in provided time-slot.

Mindlan is well known CRM Software Company and CRM Software Provider in Bangalore, Our CRM Solution is license free and build on open source platform which enabled us to offer you right set of modules in cost effective way.

CRM Software at a Glance

CRM Software Bangalore

Benefits of CRM Software

  • Documented records helps statistical data improves cross selling opportunities.
  • Marketing & Sales Team can be traced for Performance and Results - Daily, Monthly and Quarterly etc.
  • Focused customer activities leads better knowledge about customers and increased conversion rates in sales.
  • Automate entire process, details at one click, quotations and History. Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Analysis Based forecasting for Marketing, Sales, Orders and Payments. Only Decision making will left with you.

Various Modules of CRM Software


Manage your contacts, leads, opportunities and related details. Well tabulated and available for further activities. Plan and tag unlimited activities in opportunities. See sales funnel based on opportunities.


Create and Manage number of quotations/Orders/Invoices. Furnish stock validated products in Quotations/Orders/Invoices. Search edit resent quotations/orders and Invoices. Tax, Terms & Conditions controlled by Masters.


Store your product/services utilizable in opportunities, quotations, sales orders and Invoices. Stock verification for the model, version and type. Product images and documented tagged for reference.


Manage customers, keep track record of all leads, opportunities, quotation, sales orders and Invoices. Track customer specific activities and measure sales efforts.

Unlimited Users/Team Management

Enjoy unlimited user logins, multiple teams, multiple team leads and Sales head. Teamwise reporting, lead assignment and team hierarchy.

Analytics and Reports

Sales funnel, opportunity report, lead source report, quotation report, activity report, various dashboard widgets and custom reports.

What can be Integrated with CRM Software

Ecommerce Integration - Order Integration, Inventory Integraiton, Service Integration, Support Integration

Tally Integration - Seamless Integration for Sales, Inventory, Customer etc.

Website Integration - Integrate your website enquiry page/engine to CRM, will log all leads from website to CRM Software.

Helpdesk/Customer Support - Integrate your customer support get all raised tickets logged into mainstream. Ensure service to raised tickets and best customer service.