Tips to get Profiles for Niche Skills

Tips to get Profiles for Niche Skills

It is fact that getting candidate for niche or super niche skills is thought job. There were very limited candidates will be available and even fewer will be in market for job. Probability to get them under your radar is less. On top of this they will be passive job seekers.

This is problem of most of the recruiters and this leads to delivery failure with statement that there is no profile available.

Based on my understanding let me list some of tips which may help you to solve this problem:
1. Various Job Portals – Yes spend some time on Naukri / Monster / Dice / Hiree / LinkedIn.
2. Maintain your profile – Okay here is time to create your own brand your own page, not necessarily a website but a web page or a blog will do great for this. There are various sites which offer free profile page, you can pick one and go ahead.
3. Social Platforms – An important platform, you can connect lost of people and groups of skills you need, most known platforms are LinkedIn, twitter, facebook etc.
4. Be active on Forums – Yes you are right, say you are looking for Hybrid DBA, become member of forums where discussion, problems and solutions is objective of forum, here lots of related skills people will visit each day, surely you will get lots of references of technology people.
5. Spread your Reference Network – Speared your reference network as much you can, don’t worry about skills and year of experience, a junior guy or a fresh may have a senior who is looking for job.
6. Become Blogger – Why not? Your reach should be to more people and blogs are best way to do it, put some information, let related people get engage.
7. Internal Resource Bank - Say you spoke a candidate for niche skills last year, make a note of that and check in another 2 years he may be in market or may be interested for new job.

All the best!!