SEO Keyword Selection Business vs Traffic

SEO Keyword Selection Business vs Traffic

Planning of keywords for and SEO Campaign is very crucial and complex activity. Entire seo roadmap and execution depends on keywords. Keywords are equivalently important as selecting solders for war. Most of everyone would love to rank 1 in google, plan for monthly visitors and calculates ROI based on standard formula but after sometime expert figure outs that SEO is not driving any business to him and efforts behind all activities simply getting waste.

Before keyword plan objective should be freezed, whether primary objective is to drive traffic to site or drive business with low noise.
If primary object is driving traffic to the website then set of keywords should be selected in such a way that most of online users encounter these keywords, get expected information, spend healthy volume of their online time and decently go off.
If primary objective is to drive business then keep top tanking, high users visits and user information at low priority and pick the keywords which actually drive business or the users who are seriously looking for some product or services.
For example – “what is SEO” is traffic driving keyword, which holds most of user attention, but not meaningful for the person who is looking for services. At the other end "SEO Company Bangalore" or "SEO Services Bangalore" are business driving keywords, irrespective to the fact that volume of traffic driven by these keywords will be very low.

Any one method will not suffice to fulfil the objective of optimum returns, so the best approach is to mix the keywords in right ratio based on defined objective. Most likely suggested ratio for Business vs Traffic is 80% (Business) vs 20% (Traffic).
Here 80% of keywords will ensure leads/customers to gain business and 20% of traffic based keywords will retain organic visitor level up.