Hardest Decision - Walk Away or Try harder


Hardest Decision - Walk Away or Try harder

Every business has certain set goals for business, to accomplish business need talent so that they can apply their knowledge, experience and creativity for business. That is why roles and responsibilities set before a person joins to organization. However evaluating and appointing certain talent is entirely depends on technical and HR teams.

Now if you see, Individuals have their own goals and objectives either personal level or professional level. Some people work for money, some for learning, some for stability and many for growth.

Based on context situation is like Individual goals must be inline with organization goals or visa versa. However most of the cases it is not the case, may understand like this:

  1. HR team has a set timeline and fixed budget to have a talent whereas talent /resource availability is uncertain. In this case they have to go for most nearest match.
  2. Role and objective is not well explained to the talent. He welkin with different expectation and surprised.
  3. Change in organizational expectations, like change in project or location.
  4. Change in personal goals or personal expectations.
  5. Change in team. Friends matters a lot for moral support and help when a individual need.
  6. Drop in learning curve. Routine and boring job with no learning will not excite to perform.
  7. Drop in growth rate, No appreciation or appraisal.

Now let’s talk about "Hardest Decision – Walk Away or Try harder"

It is very difficult to decide or define certain rules to choose either. But there are some indicators which prompt that now time for next action.

1. Your organization and project demands more efforts – Yes, this will boost stamina and confidence. In future 9/10 situations will demand same. This will polish your personality and draft you as professional achiever.

2. Non liking Boss or Team Mates – Most of the projects you will get manager and team mates who won’t help you or won’t even like you. But it is perfectly ok. Try to be friendly with them, and try to understand why they won’t like you. If possible overcome with those reasons but don’t change the things which you don’t like.

3. Bad Boss/Manager –Don’t work under asses, if a boss can’t trust and give a responsibility they don’t want you to be successful. They will destroy your confidence and never let you successful. Quickly get out.

4. Disturbed work life balance – It is expected when there is work pressure your work life balance will trend negative. Up to 30% variation is expected but if it is crossing more than this you should walk away. Remember personal time is important for your happy life there is no point of achieving success if you don’t have time to celebrate it.

5. Dropped learning curve – Learning is important, if you will not learn, you will not grow. If you boss or organization always expect you to work and won’t allow learning then feel free to walk away. Remember not always your boss/manager will give to time to learn, expectation is they will engage you where some new activities can be learned. Don’t expect classroom kind of learning.

6. Low growth Rate – if it is just matter of 1 year you should try to figure out the reasons but if happens more than once, then my friend find a new job.

7. More polities in Organization/team - Don’t get scared with Polities. I strongly believe we should always try harder and should not leave hopes. In our society you will face this everywhere, so that in organization/team nothing new. Just try to understand and act professionally this will solve your problems till some extend.

8. Negative Boss/Manager/team mates - Ohm, remember if someone talks negative they want you to act negative. Don’t believe those people; they want to utilize your shoulder to fire their gun. Be positive and act positive, don’t listen to negative people.

9. Inflexible & problematic Schedule - Try harder my friend, try to talk to your manger and offer him reasonable work schedule. In 70% of the cases manager agreed for flexible timings if this improves productivity.

10. Non Friendly HR Policies - A failure to address employee concerns in a timely manner leads to overwhelming frustration of talent. Try to reach next level with your problems. Take help of your reporting manager, he may be your backbone to get such issues solved for you.

11. Stupid & Non reacting Management - Try harder, Management may not understand you, sometime stupid sometime overreacting. Remember you are also part of your organization try to pass your opinion in positive way to right people. If Management has direct impact on your performance and growth then try to address this asap if not then there is no harm to walk away.

12. Conflict - - Behavioral or personality conflicts with co-workers or supervisors are also common factors in leaving a job. Conflict with projects can be healthy, yet conflict between people styles can be deadly. Too often, people try to get their point across without understanding the other person’s point of view. Thus, conflict arises on a regular basis. This can be addressed with allowing other people to talk and express and correct them in positive way.

I am sure this article will help you in some or other way, just be positive and you will see things will fall in your line. All the Best!!

Ajay Swani Says:
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