15 Reasons why most web buyers abandon shopping carts


15 Reasons why most web buyers abandon shopping carts

Online business like ecommerce is entirely dependent on web buyers. There are various facts and logic behind a customer visiting your ecommerce website and ordering a product. A ecommerce get disappointed when a customer is leaving their website or mobile app without placing an order. Since ecommerce is not new and there are many tools available to provide analytics and intelligence, an ecommerce business exploring more to understands why it is happening and what could be possible mitigations. However Analytics and intelligence tools can report but can’t retain a losing customer so it’s better to understand historic analytics data and take necessary actions to minimize. So try to keep this points in mind while Ecommerce website Design & Development.

Let's try to understand possible reasons behind a web buyer abandon shopping cart:

1. Won’t look trusted site/messy website
Websites are great and affordable medium of business visibility. On website you can publish all information you need at no additional cost. For example if your business launched new product, there are lots of branding and marketing materials needs to printed and distributed over marketing channels. Whereas websites just add couple of pages and information and your product is ready to go. Now a days most business go for product launch over websites only.

2. Website is slow
Ideally a website pages should load in 2 sec. Nobody like waiting for a page to load where a customer.

3. Website crashed/page not found
Most of the times during payment processing or while browsing product catalogue pages crashes or page not found appears, consumers get scared about their money. Offcourse a customer don’t want to deal with a application where some or most pages are not working at all.

4. Product information is not sufficient
In ecommerce there are no sales agent engaged to customer therefore every online customer has to make his mind based on information provided at product landing page. If desired product information is not available than customers won’t feel convinced about product and left in middle.

5. High shipping cost
Many ecommerce websites try to play tricks by keeping low product price and high shipping cost. When a customer checkouts with attractive product price he assumes a nominal or free shipping. But during shopping cart review if a customer find irrelevant or high shipping cost they prefer to abandon shopping carts instead of completing the order.

6. Not ready to purchase
Online visitors not always browse products for buy purpose. Many times customers just would like to explore and understand product before they make their mind. This becomes most common practice due to various options and alternates provided by competitors. Customers firstly analyze available options, product type, brand, price, delivery days, shipping cost, payment option availability, goodwill of website or supplier and post to that if everything is attractive and desired than make order. Rest all customers will abandon their shipping cart at final point.

7. High product price
Ecommerce customers are price conscious, since ecommerce business has less overhead than showroom or store, they often provide low prices. As per a study every customer compare with minimum 3 websites to ensure that he is not paying high. The most minimum price wins and rest end up with shopping cart abandon.

8. Save product for later consideration
Many customers spent their free time to select and keep options ready for future. After adding to cart, they exit so that selected products can be referred back when required.

9. Not sure about shipping cost, confused
Multiple levels, non clear and non simple shipping charges confuse customers. Not all customers willing to put their brain to understand how your websites calculates and exit.

10. No guest checkout option
Many ecommerce websites possessive about customers, force customer to register and won’t provide option of guest checkout. In such cases customers feel wired and abandon such websites.

11. Need to much information for order
Multiple levels of forms, more than required details for order leads customer going without order. No customer wants to provide too much of personal information for order.

12. Comfortable payment options
Comfortable payments options like Cash on Delivery, Net banking, Credit Card, Debit card or Paypal kind of options must be available so that customers can pick most suitable one. Lacks of them, customer won’t prefer to continue with shopping cart.

13. Offers
If competitors of ecommerce websites providing offers than customers expect a delighted offer while order. Most customers place their order to a website where they get best offer or overall benefit.

14. Uncertain Delivery Time
Most ecommerce websites accepts order in a country or a state, however they don't have delivery network everywhere. When a remote customer orders the product, delivery date is dependent on product location and customer location. Thus maintaining uniformed delivery time is challenging. Whereas customer prefers ecommerce websites with certain delivery date & time.

15. Product delivery is too long
Customers abandon shopping cart if product is reaching late than expected date.

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