10 Reasons why SEO Fails

10 Reasons why SEO Fails - A quick study

Now a days each 10th business is opting seo services or implementing in-house. Off-course SEO or SMM is very important and useful when it comes to low investment and high returns. This is also most trusted form of digital marketing. Earlier it was myths that only small companies who can’t provision budget for direct marketing go for digital marketing. But last half decade SEO become an inseparable activity of overall marketing of any midsize company. In fact large scale businesses showing interest in Search engine optimization and social media marketing.

However not all companies are taking benefits of Internet marketing. It is found that only 20% businesses able to take advantage from such digital marketing where as rest 80% are failing due to some reason.

Let’s try to understand what those most known reasons of failure are.

1. No or irrelevant strategy – Yes a well defined and documented approach plan must be there in order to retrieve good form digital marketing. Most of Businesses who implement SEO for their online marketing fails to place this important element. Misguided approach and less pointed strategy lead to big failure.

2. Setting aggressive goals – If you start SEO SMM and dream to be at first page of Google in 3 months than stop, not all websites can do that for you. Some websites already has some traffic flowing in, some websites are pretty old, targeted keywords are competitively easy to gain position at search engine. Goals must be set after sufficient study of total traffic for the keyword vs. competition for keyword. In general a mid competitive keyword with average website it takes 3-4 months time to appear in the web search.

3. Choosing wrong set of keywords – Many marketing overwrite their own methodology on search, that will transform as different set of keywords that may look very meaningful for business but in actual they won’t be of any use. In other side some keywords may sound idiotic and junk but has good value in search. For example for a real estate company may want to market with keyword "2bhk flats in Bangalore" but most people search "2bhk apartments in Bangalore". All keywords must be chosen based on how people search them and how relevantly they can fetch for business.

4. Floating with easy keywords – Most of SEO companies suggest keywords that are easy and less competitive. So that they can show shining keywords in Search engine’s first page. In such cases business will not get any value since not so many people are looking for that search. It will impact directly on business goals as indirect goal of SEO is to get business. Therefore ensure there is good demand for the keywords you are planning for long term. However for short term easy keywords can be adopted.

5. Non-balanced activities – Digital marketing is not effort oriented i.e. if you stress on couple of activities the entire campaign will fail. You need to put right mix of activities based on your business demand. Say apparel can have more SMM activities than SEO. Similarly a Grocery website can have more SEO than SMM. A Software company can have more SEO than SMM etc. Remember if you are pouring water ensure that the vassal can take it otherwise it will get waste. Similar rule works for online marketing too. If there is less demand put little but meaningful activities. Let search engines absorb it properly.

6. Doing too much of Off page – Some business thinks that if they create lots of links it will work, some of them try to do it but it won’t work like that. Each link building site has their own way to see your website. They will drop you if your website is not qualified to get submitted. Also type of page, type of content and nature of business matters a lot. Last but not least ratio and timing of submission matters in a great way.

7. Campaign reaching to less audience - When we design a campaign it is for audience, we always evaluate that what will be reach of SEO activity and what will be outcome. Most of the business won’t pay attention towards reach, they just keep doing activities. Since your pointed campaign lands at no men land and fetch a "Zero" for you.

8. Thinking too much of external site reports - Another big huddle or interrupters are external sites who promise to show you reports on rank, traffic, backlinks and many more XYZ statistics of Website. Many business get confuse why different analytics in different sources and take wrong decisions. Remember those external sites can fetch limited data, some sites can fetch more data and some may fetch less, some sites may show you accurate information and some sites may show you modified and intelligence driven information. So you can refer external sites time to time for reference but don’t take them too serious. If left with no option trust most known and trusted one.

9. Choosing incompetent SEO Company - Another important reason to failure is partnering with company either incompetent or looking for short term benefits. As I mentioned earlier SEO is fruitful only in long term. Companies claims and guarantee will not work for long term. Also company who is not capable to drive required activities will be a wrong choice to partner with. Evaluate well and pick a right company who able to showcase their strategy and plans for upcoming 3-6-12-24 months.

10. Business Intelligence on Reports - Once you start SEO SMM, you will be start getting Monthly reports. Businesses stand clue less than what they need to do with those reports. Some time they feel reports are too much technical and they start ignoring them. In each month reports you should evaluate what improved, why improved, what not and why not. If Strategy is not inline with the report of past months than there is fair chance to fail.

Well these are only some points I quickly able to mark. There may be hundreds of more reasons if business nature and objective is known. Before starting any SEO SMM project a good study on associated risks should be done and relevant mitigations must be kept ready to execute.