10 Advantages of Having a Website


10 Advantages of Having a Website for Your Business

Websites are best medium to online presence of your business. Websites also are prime source to find information about your business, products and services. Most of websites have all the product and service details well formatted and tabulated so that customers can browse through the details and contact or order.

Let’s try to understand what those 10 Advantages of Having a Website for Your Business.

1. Affordable Visibility – Websites are great and affordable medium of business visibility. On website you can publish all information you need at no additional cost. For example if your business launched new product, there are lots of branding and marketing materials needs to printed and distributed over marketing channels. Whereas websites just add couple of pages and information and your product is ready to go. Now a days most business go for product launch over websites only.

2. 24/7 - 365 Days – Unlike your store, websites are active 24/7 x 365 days which means your business is active all the time with no additional cost. In current business era consumes are restless so that businesses needs to be. Consumers can opt for product or service any time irrespective to business operation hours. Business who able to cater consumers 24x7 able to gain more sales. A study shows that most of the customers buy their products or make their mind during afternoon 2pm to 4pm and 11pm to 2am.

3. Multichannel Engagement – Websites are designed in such a way that they can be used as multichannel engagement. Mostly the customers either explore product and services via website or appear at store or Vice-versa.

4. Business Specific Tools – Websites can accommodate various business specific tools where a customer may access them directly. In this case websites become platform to deploy online tools.

5. Unlimited Virtual Sales – Website can be designed with all information which is required for sales of product or service. It can work like a virtual sales agent catering unlimited customers at a time. This quality of websites makes them more important for industry. Imagine you designed a clean and neat product and service selling process, furnished all the information what customer would like to know during purchase. Millions of users logged in at single time and still you can cater them all you need. Whereas with physical store it is not possible to cater at same time.

6. Worldwide Customer Reach – Website can be accessed any corner of the world and business can reach their customers for selling products and services worldwide. Current businesses not limited to any specific physical locations, most of business provides products and services national level and some or more provide service worldwide. Cost of selling products in other countries is more and only some business has funds and infrastructure to do that. Website are best medium for small and small medium business to target and sell product and services to other countries. Some websites marketing tools like Search Engine Optimization helped website to appear on internet.

7. Customer Engagement - A modern website, design their customer experience and UI so that customer engagement become easy and more productive for business growth. Websites like ecommerce, bank websites, insurance website or educational institute website put all required information which customer may required before they make their mind, is called customer engagement. For example if you are selling a car, a customer would like to understand specification, price structure, interiors and exteriors, safety and comfort etc. i.e. a sales executive must explain all details in easy language so that customer keep listing and understand what they came for. Failing of any customer will walkout. With website you can able to put all information so that every customer can access this information as and when they need. Customers also feel comfortable if information is handy to them and they are not forced to understand everything when sales executive is free.

8. Sales Booster - With all customer experience a business can ensure more conversion of online visitors. Offer them delighted offers and extend loyalty benefits which ideally increase in sales.

9. Opportunity Generation - A well optimized websites attracts online visitors and reasonable products and services generate opportunities for business.

10. Branding - With website business can pass its brand value to their customers. Soon customers become brand specific and long term customers. Brands also have a lot to share with its customers. Website are great medium or wall where brands can publish information to their customers.


What does it take to have a Website?

  • A. Domain/Hosting - Your Business Name, Webspace to host website code and media, business emails etc.
  • B. Website Design - Requirement gathering, lucrative layout design of homepage, subpage and contact us page
  • C. Website Development - This phase includes website development, content update, testing of functionality and go live.
  • D. Yearly Renewal - Renew your domain & hosting yearly. Your webspace and emails will be active and working.

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